Wass: The joker and… giver of life advice?


Daniel Wass rarely seems to crack a smile during games, even when he scores. Fans typically see him riled up and energised. But who knew he had jokes in him? Batzine discovered the Denmark international’s funny side after a short chat with him. He gave us the lowdown on his teammates – we could not verify if he truly makes them laugh.

Who is the best singer in the team?

*whistles* It could be Yunus because he’s always singing in the dressing room.

Who is the joker in the team?

I think that could be me. We have a lot of fun as a team.

Which teammate has a secret talent for musical instruments?

I don’t know actually, if someone played then he must be very good at keeping a secret.

Who is the friendliest in the team?

It’s probably Cheryshev.

Who is the best at giving life advice?

Hmm, I don’t know… maybe you can put my name there.

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